Is Experience As a Paralegal Helpful For Getting Into Law School?

Depending on the type of practice you chose, your paralegal work could vary. You may spend days analyzing legal documents or gathering information for a class-action lawsuit. You may spend days reviewing legal documents, researching similar cases, or interacting with clients from different industries. While your time in a paralegal position may not sound like a valuable asset for getting into law school, it could be beneficial.

While it’s possible to study for two or three years while working as a paralegal, combining work and school is not recommended. However, some paralegals find this schedule manageable. They may even be able to get their employer to reimburse some of their tuition. In this way, they can earn their law degree at a lower cost. And the extra money from their employer will certainly help them land a job as an attorney after graduating.

As a paralegal, you are required to work under a licensed attorney, so you’ll likely need a license to practice law. However, it is still a valuable asset. As long as you’re willing to work under the supervision of a licensed attorney, experience as a paralegal can help you secure a spot in law school. However, if you’re not sure what to expect as far as the admissions requirements, you can check out the Paralegal Degree Center.

The paralegal job is not a guarantee of a competitive application to law school. However, it can help you gain skills in the legal field, and it’s a great way to decide whether the legal field is right for you. In addition to that, there are less people applying to law school these days, so competition is less than in years past. There are several ways that you can enhance your chances of getting in, including involvement in student organizations or service organizations.

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